Fusilone Pasta

Other Names:



Southern Italy

Made with:

Semolina flour, water and salt.


Fusilone pasta is essentially a larger version of the Fusilli 

Fusilone means “big fusilli” in Italian, so the key difference is its larger size compared to regular Fusilli. Imagine a corkscrew that’s been scaled up!  Just like Fusilli, Fusilone’s shape with its open spirals is great for capturing and holding onto sauce. This makes it perfect for rich, chunky sauces that can coat the pasta well.

 Fusilone, like Fusilli, likely originates from southern Italy, particularly Campania. Some brands, like Pasta Garofalo, use traditional methods like bronze die drawing to create a rougher texture that helps the sauce adhere even better.

Overall, Fusilone offers a similar eating experience to Fusilli but with a more substantial bite due to its larger size.

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