thanksgiving 2014
Catering Thanksgiving

Catering Thanksgiving for 24, was fantastic!


Sometimes it’s important for you to be with your guests whether they are friends or for business purposes. Hiring a Personal Chef for an event or special occasion means you can relax and enjoy your guests. It means personal service in advance of your event.

The Cost

The cost of this personal service is 2000 to 3000 kronor depending on how many people and how many days work needs to be done. The cost of the food is up to you. It’s for you to decide how much you wish to spend on your guests. I can purchase and cook a filet of beef, or I am making a beef stew just as easily. At the end of the evening, you will be given all the receipts and pay only for what was bought for your evening or event.

Since I am not a caterer I don’t accept dinners for more than 12 people. I can help with cocktail parties up to 30.

The financial advantage of my approach is your event will cost exactly what it should. Purchasing fresh foods and goods directly paying what they cost, instead of ordering and paying for canapes, main courses, and deserts at a per-item price.

My job is to provide you with all the services you need for a stress-free dinner or event.

Cooking and presentation of the menu.
My presence before and during the whole event.
Suggestions for rental companies if additional items are needed.
Help to arrange competent staff and other professional services if needed.
List of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that will be required in advance.
Shopping in advance of the event.
Cleanup of the kitchen area before leaving.

Caterers have the nasty habit of charging for things by the piece or per person. I am a personal chef, which means I will cook what you want right in your own kitchen for your guests in most cases. If you are not sure about what to serve I can make suggestions. My pleasure is in cooking, not in seeing how many hundreds of people I can make canapés for. That kind of work is just not interesting to me.

Offering service and good food mean a great deal to me. Hiring a private chef must involve a meeting between my customer and me beforehand to decide on the menu. At this time I will inspect the kitchen for equipment. I can also help select dishes and serving pieces, help with floral arrangements, make suggestions for cocktails. Anything that involves your guests and yourself enjoying the evening in comfort and feeling secure in the knowledge that all the details have been thought through before the guests arrived.

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