Ditalini, Tubetini, Cajubi

Other Names:

Available throughout Italy

Made with:

Manufactured is made with water, salt and durum wheat, and water.


Ditalini pasta is a type of small pasta that is commonly used in Italian cuisine. The name “ditalini” translates to “small thimbles” in English, which accurately describes the shape of this pasta. Ditalini pasta is characterized by its short, tube-like shape with straight-cut ends.

Ditalini pasta has its roots in Italy, where pasta has been a staple of the cuisine for centuries. The exact origin of Ditalini is not well-documented, but it is a popular pasta variety that has been used in Italian cooking for a long time.

Ditalini pasta is typically very small and has a short, tubular shape. The tubes are often around 1/2 inch in length, resembling small thimbles or short tubes.

Due to its small size, Ditalini is commonly used in soups and stews. Its compact shape allows it to hold up well in liquid-based dishes, making it a popular choice for pasta e fagioli (pasta and bean soup) and minestrone.

While the basic form of Ditalini is short tubes, there may be variations in size and thickness. Some recipes or regions might have slightly different versions of Ditalini pasta.

Besides soups, Ditalini can also be used in salads and other pasta dishes. Its small size makes it versatile and suitable for various recipes, providing a different texture compared to larger pasta shapes.

Ditalini pasta is widely available in grocery stores, both in Italy and internationally. Many pasta manufacturers produce Ditalini as part of their product lines.

When preparing Ditalini pasta, it’s important to follow cooking instructions carefully, as its small size means it cooks relatively quickly compared to larger pasta shapes.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia