Abotta Pezzie, Sagne a Pezze

Other Names:
Abotta Pezzie
Sagne a Pezze
Made with:
Abotta Pezzie is a homemade pasta and is made with salt, water, and durum wheat.
In the Abruzzi dialect, Abotta Pezzie means “feed the beggar”. Its name implies it’s rooted in a poor man’s pasta. These pasta strips or bits are typically hand-cut into irregular shapes, giving them a rustic and homemade appearance. The name “Sagne a Pezze” roughly translates to “pieces of rags,” reflecting the irregular and torn nature of the pasta.
It would be served with beans, lentils, or cicerchie (a type of bean). it is also commonly enjoyed with hearty sauces, such as ragù or tomato-based sauces, as the textured surface of the pasta allows it to hold and absorb the flavors effectively. Sagne a Pezze embodies the charm of traditional Italian pasta, celebrating the art of handmade pasta-making and the rich culinary heritage of the Abruzzo region.


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