Fusi Istriani Pasta

Other Names:

Fusi Istriani, Slovenia, Croatia, Northern Italy

Made with:

00 flour, eggs, salt and olive oil.



Fusi Istriani is a type of pasta hailing from Istria, a region that overlaps modern-day Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. While there’s no exact documented history of the origin of Fusi Istriani, it likely falls into the category of regional pasta shapes developed based on local ingredients and cooking styles.

Resembling a short, fat spindle with ridges, it’s similar to another Italian pasta called Garganelli, but without the need for a special rolling tool.  You shape it using the dowel-like end of a wooden spoon. 

Traditionally, Fusi Istriani is served with hearty sauces like those made with chicken, vegetables, or even wild game. The ridges help the sauce cling to the pasta for a flavorful bite.


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