Cavatelli Pasta

Other Names:

Pincinelle – in Marche
Cazzarille, Ciofele, Cavatielle ‘ncatenate (chained) – in Molise
Cecatelli – in Puglia
Cantaroggni, Cavatieddi, Cavatrielli, Mignuicchi, Strascenate & Strascinati chiusi – in Campania & Puglia
Cecatidde, Cecatielle and Cicatelli – in the area of Monte Sant’ Angelo
Capunti and Capuntini, Cingule, Minuich, Raskatelli & Zinnezinne – in Basilicata
Cavateddri & Rascatielli – in Calabria
Gnocculi, gnucchitti & Cavatuneddi – in Sicily

Region: Throughout Italy

Particuarly in Southern Italy in Molise, Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily

Made with:

Homemade is made with eggs, salt & durum wheat. Manufactured is made with water, salt and durum wheat. It is also made using durum wheat, eggs and ricotta cheese, as well as sweet potato or white potato. There are also artisinal variations made with a burnt or toasted wheat which produces a smokey flavor.


Ricotta Cavatelli


A real classic pasta Cavatelli is generically know as Gnocchetti, Manatelle, Orecchie de Prete, Strasnari and Truoccoli. A specialty for several big religious holidays. It is served in  many ways but it seems that the sauces preferred are oil based with chili (always) and a seasonal vegetable. A classic is butter and sage, but it can be served with a wide variety of sauces. The photo below is Ricotta Cavatelli that I made myself using a Cavatelli maker I purchased on Amazon. Handmade varieties aren’t usually folded so tightly.


Ricotta Cavatelli

 Source: Wikipedia
Encyclopedia of Pasta, Oretta Zanini De Vita, Univ of Calif. Press.
Photo Credit: Bill Rubino
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