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Pie and Tart Recipes

Pate Brisée 2

Pate Brisée 2

Pate Brisée is a classic French tart dough but it is perfect for making any kind of pie. It requires a light hand and produces a crispy and layered dough. It’s my go to recipe for tarts and pies of all kinds.

Enough dough for a double crust 23 or 24 centimeter tart or pie pan which is quite large.

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Cherry Pie a Typically American Recipe

Cherry Pie a Typically American Recipe!

Not living in the US any more one thing that I really miss is cherry pie. It would seem the only way I’m going to get it, is to make it myself. It’s not a very difficult recipe and you can always use a good quality pre-made pie dough if you like.

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