Budelletti Pasta

Other Names:
Lunigiana region in northern Tuscany, Italy
Made with: A combination of wheat flour and chestnut flour, water, and, salt

Budelletti pasta, also known as “pincinelle”. are a traditional type of pasta from the Lunigiana region in northern Tuscany, Italy. They are made with a combination of wheat flour and chestnut flour, the latter being a staple ingredient in the region’s cuisine. The percentage of chestnut flour in the dough can vary, but typically it ranges from 30 to 60%. This unique blend of flours gives the pasta a slightly sweet, nutty flavor and a slightly chewy texture.

Budelletti are traditionally served with a simple sauce of olive oil, pecorino cheese, and black pepper. The combination of the sweet pasta, the savory sauce, and the salty cheese is surprisingly harmonious and satisfying.

The name “bastarde” refers to the rustic nature of the pasta and the fact that it is made with a mixture of flours. It is not known exactly how the dish originated, but it is believed to have been a peasant dish that was made with readily available ingredients. Budelletti are still relatively unknown outside of the Lunigiana region, but they are becoming increasingly popular among Italian food enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Bill Rubino